Welcome to Network Concepts, Inc.

We are a small information technology provider in the Willamette Valley, located in Salem, Oregon. We leverage sound and proven technologies to provide you with the tools necessary to do business into today’s competitive environment.

We deliver next generation e-business solutions anywhere in the networking life cycle – from network consulting and integration to total network outsourcing. Our professionals have the expertise, proven methodologies, and tools to help you plan, deploy, optimize, manage and run your complex, multivendor network infrastructure.

While we are streamlined enough to be sensitive to all client needs. We are also successful enough to have the resources for large-scale projects. The streamline structure of Network Concepts ensures that it remains capable of developing personal relationships with its valued customers. We have managed to ensure that despite meeting the needs of a large client base, each has received a package specifically designed to satisfy their individual requirements. Unlike many cut rate hosting companies, we tailor our service to meet our clients’ needs. Professional service matters more than price if your business is at stake.

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